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Two Tax Prep Offers for 2020

January 25, 2020

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Tax Consultation Checklist


Taxes can be complicated and time consuming.

To process your tax consultation correctly and quickly we have put together a checklist of suggested items.

Please note to also bring EVERYTHING THAT APPLIES to your situation.


Simple Tax return list:


  • Driver’s license(s) and Social Security cards for taxpayer and spouse

  • Dependents’ Social Security cards and Birthdates

  • Death Certificate, if applicable

  • Wage Statements – Form W-2(s)

  • Pension or Retirement income – Form 1099-R

  • Unemployment Income - Form 1099-G

  • If you have a copy, last year’s Federal and State Tax Returns

  • Self-Employed Business Income and Expenses (expenses should include all costs of running the business including mileage) – Form 1099-Misc.

  • Child Care Expenses & Provider Information (Name, address and Employer Identification Number for provider)


Please review the rest of this list to see if anything applies to your tax situation:


  • Interest and Dividend Income – Form 1099-INT/Form 1099-DIV

  • State Income Tax Refund Amount – Form 1099-G

  • Sales of Stocks or Bonds – Form 1099-B

  • Social Security Income - SSA-1099

  • Lottery or Gambling Winnings – Form W-2G

  • Alimony paid and received – If you paid alimony we need the recipient’s Social Security Number.

  • Over-The-Road-Truckers – We will need the number of days on road, location and expenses.

  • Income and Expenses from Rental properties

  • Farm Income & Expenses (including business mileage) - Form 1099-Misc.

  • Mortgage, Refinance or Home Equity Loan Interest Paid – Form 1098

  • Real Estate Taxes Paid

  • Personal Property Taxes paid (e.g. cars and boats)

  • Sales Tax Paid

  • Medical Expenses paid out-of-pocket (Doctors, Dentists, eye care, prescriptions, hospital, etc.) as well as mileage to/from medical facility

  • Charitable mileage

  • Cash and Noncash Charitable Donations – If non-cash charitable contributions exceed $500, we need the name, address and Federal Identification Number for the organization receiving the donation.

  • Sale of Residence – Closing Documents (e.g. HUD 1 Statement), Form 1099-S

  • Un-reimbursed Employment-Related Expenses (including mileage)

  • Job-Related Educational Expenses

  • Educator Expense – Money spent out-of-pocket as a teacher

  • Tuition and Education Fees – Form 1098-T

  • Student Loan Interest – Form 1098-E

  • Direct Deposit Information – If you want your refund direct deposited, please include your Routing and Account number.

  • Adoption Expenses

  • Lottery or Gambling Losses

  • Casualty/Theft Losses

  • Foreign/Other Taxes Paid

  • Estimated tax payment amounts (1040 ES) – Please include the dates paid.

  • State and Local Tax Payments

  • Moving Expenses

  • IRA Contributions – Form 5498

  • If part-year State resident, we need the following:

    • Dates lived in each state

    • County or City where you resided in each state

    • School district where you resided in each state

  • Form 8332 or Divorce decree for noncustodial parent claiming a dependent child

  • Multiple Support Document – Form 2120

  • Sale of Business Property

  • Income and Expenses from Partnerships, S Corporations, Trusts, and Estates – Schedule K1

  • Any form that says "Do not throw away, Tax Document"

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