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How Does an External Bookkeeper Benefit My Business?

External Bookkeeper

A small business is an extension of your family while remaining a representation of its services, values and products. In most cases, businesses are designed for growth. In my experience, most small businesses launch with no more than a couple of people. Over time, the operation grows and owners/operators are inundated with the time-consuming tasks of staffing, procurement, bookkeeping, sales, and business development.

Hiring an external bookkeeper allows you to focus on the growth of your business, while addressing the needs of your employees and customers. There is little to no reason as to why your core business operations should struggle due to complicated tax laws (property, sales and use, payroll, unemployment) and the tracking of expenses.

Business owners can decide which parts of their bookkeeping are outsourced and maintain complete control of their business's finances. One of our valuable roles at M&M Bookkeeping, Tax and Small Business Services is to provide you with information about your business.


Bookkeepers have provided great value to small businesses for generations! In small business operations, hiring and training an internal bookkeeper may not make perfect sense due to overhead costs. Hiring an external bookkeeper gives you the flexibility to reinvest those costs back into the value of your business.

M&M Bookkeeping, Tax and Business Services strives to assist you with tax filing, tax planning, payroll services, and income tax preparation.

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