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What are Typical Tax Resolution Outcomes and IRS Problems We Solve on Your Behalf?

Tax resolution can be best defined as a service in which an individual needs assistance to resolve his/her tax debt obligations with the IRS in a way which minimizes the debt.

In most instances of best practice, clients typically choose between an Enrolled Agent, Certified Public Accountant, or Tax Attorney to deal with the IRS directly on tax resolution outcomes.

In most cases, utilizing an Enrolled Agent such as myself is the most pragmatic approach as most individuals don’t have immediate access to CPAS and Tax Attorneys.

Tax Resolutions Outcomes are but are not limited to:

Offer in Compromise

Customized Methods to reduce taxes

Installment Agreement

Penalty Abatement

Corrections to erroneously filed returns

Innocent Spouse


IRS Fresh Start Initiative

Tax Debt Settlement

Audit Representation

Typical IRS Problems we help fix include:

Payroll Tax Problems

Property Seizures



Wage Garnishments

Unfiled Tax Returns

Back taxes

Trust Fund Recovery

I hope this post has helped you in better grasping tax resolution and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any immediate and future assistance with bookkeeping, payroll processing, tax resolution, tax filing, and tax preparation.

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