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Are You a Savvy Tax Filing Consumer?

It’s officially the season of gratitude, shopping, and good will. Each year millions of savvy consumers will compare and contrast products, gifts, and value behind each meticulously wrapped item.

It’s also approaching tax season which is one of my most uplifting seasons of the year. Uplifting because I get the opportunity to sit down and discuss the overall year with my returning clients. I do this because when people reflect on the past year, I listen for opportunities for deductions and credits.

Death and taxes are two items which won’t escape individuals. However, tax obligations may even extend past the point of death!

As my business has evolved, so have my new clients. Most of the savvy consumers out there will price shop and compare items. However, this same consumer won’t think twice before handing their tax returns to a preparer until it’s too late.

When I do get new customers for tax filings, I get questions about what the difference is with my business compared to that of a retail tax preparation services and a CPA.

Retail tax services are sufficient for those with simple tax situations, however their rates are based upon convenience. During peak filing season, these locations staff seasonal or temporary tax preparers. In most cases, bookkeepers are extremely competitive for the same service! Don’t be scared to ask!

A good portion of my clients are self-employed, have multiple sources of income, investments, and require in-depth analysis of the current tax codes. In these situations, a bookkeeper or CPA are both great choices when it comes to tax preparation and overall cost.

Want to be a savvy consumer?

Ask your tax preparer the questions below upon handing over your tax documents to ensure that you are obtaining the best value for your tax preparation investment.

How many tax returns do you prepare each year?

What is your pricing structure? (This should be clear and transparent without prepaid debit cards, loans, or pay later schemes)

Of these, how many came back with warnings or requests for more information?

Of those, how many were audited?

Do you prepare returns for individuals, families, small business, etc.? (Most people these days have a side hustle, which qualifies as a small business)

How many regular clients do you have?

How long has your average client been hiring you to do their tax return?

Don’t forget to contact me if I can be of any assistance and stay tuned for my tax preparation specials next month!

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