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Can the IRS Visit Your Home or Business?

It doesn't happen much, but they do make house and business calls when there is serious tax violation.

If the IRS visits, it’s will be one of these people.

  • IRS Revenue agent: They conduct an onsite audit at your business or home

  • IRS Revenue Officer: They collect back taxes and enforce the filing of back tax returns. A revenue officer is sent when taxpayers haven't set up a payment agreement or they owe a large amount ($100,000 for an individual), back payroll taxes, and/or have unfiled back tax returns.

  • IRS Special Agent: They are the criminal investigators trained to seek tax evaders. They come in teams while asking questions about your taxes or gather evidence from you about another taxpayer- of which you have done business with or other transactions.

How do visits occur?

They all mail or call before they show up at your business. Special agents show up unannounced.

In many situations, scam calls occur through impersonators. These scammers say that there is a problem with your tax return and an immediate payment must be made. The IRS always notifies with mail prior to calls.

When you do receive a call from an impersonator, just hang up because they are going after your hard earned money.

The IRS can visit you, but it won’t be unannounced and be a rushed event. If you get a letter, phone call, or even a visit please consult with a tax professional or us to assist you with this complicated audit and notice services.

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